Rebate. Set. Go.

It’s time for a clearer view of the rebates coming to you. A simpler way to track progress, with your day to day schedule in mind. The CooperVision Advantage Rebate Dashboard is here to help you visualize all of your goals and how close you may be to securing them, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Along with a new name and dashboard comes a new program specifically designed to improve upon the program you’ve come to know.

Because we understand that you sometimes can’t control your patient flow from quarter to quarter, we changed the base rebate payout to be based on year to date sales instead of quarter to quarter sales. We’ve even lowered the minimum quarterly purchase level to make it easier to attain your base rebate.

Experience a dashboard that keeps you in the rewards lane.

Both the new rebate program and dashboard are already in place. Talk to your CooperVision Territory Manager for specifics about the program and then click below to register your practice today to start seeing your data instantly.

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